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Therapeutic Counseling


Sometimes the many challenges and stresses of life can feel overwhelming and leave you feeling hopeless or helpless. Our therapists are here to give you the help you need with life’s problems and issues.


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Assessment: The first step in the treatment process is a meeting with a therapist or counselor for an assessment. Assessments are used to identify your needs, diagnose, and to establish measurable treatment goals and objectives. The initial intake and evaluation session is normally scheduled for one to two hours and may run longer depending on how much information is disclosed. Further sessions may be scheduled as needed to accurately assess your needs.


Treatment Planning: The type(s) of treatment and number of sessions needed depends on many factors and will be discussed by the therapist. After your initial assessment, your therapist will be able to provide you with some first impressions of what treatment may include and a treatment plan to follow if you both agree. If you have questions about procedures feel free to discuss them with the provider at any time.


Individual Therapy: Individual therapy is provided to you for your mental and behavioral health needs for a specific period of time. The amount, scope, and duration of individual therapy services may vary depending on the stage of your presenting mental health need, treatment plan, and response to treatment approach. Individual sessions are typically 45 minutes.


Group Therapy: Group therapy utilizes the interactions of more than one individual and the focus of the group is to address behavioral health needs and interpersonal relationships. Group sessions are typically 45 minutes.


Family Therapy: Family therapy is provided with your natural or substitute family as the means to facilitate positive family interactions among members. You do not have to be present for family therapy services; however, the sessions without you must deal with issues related to your constructive integration/reintegration into your family. Family sessions are typically 45 minutes.

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