Eagle Quest Programs - Summercamp

Eagle Quest Summer Camp

Each year, Eagle Quest offers a voluntary summer camp to the youth in our programs. This camp gives these individuals unique opportunities to engage in unique activities while simultaneously gaining important life skills, building character, and learning about cultural diversity. Whether the youth is a dramatic at heart or an outdoor enthusiast, Eagle Quest Summer Camp delivers a wide array of activities from backpacking hikes to viewing classical theater. There is something for every youth at the camp!

Eagle Quest Summer Camp also incorporates Boy Scouts and our Kids for Humanity programs. At the Boy Scouts camp, the youth will have the opportunity to gain Merit Badges in a variety of categories. For the Kids for Humanity program, the activities at camp will focus on helping the local and global communities. In order to fully immerse themselves in the camp activities and premise, the youths that attend these specialty camps must have regularly participated in Boy Scouts and the Kids for Humanity programs throughout the year.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating in the Summer Camp Program, please call Eagle Quest at 1-800-416-5437 or contact us.