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Telehealth Treatment


Eagle Quest is pleased to provide our clients with telehealth treatment services.  Through the use of your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can have video calls with your therapist or treatment provider. Many clients may have transportation or scheduling problems that make it difficult for them to come to an office to get needed mental health services. Telehealth can help clients receive this treatment from the comfort of their own home.


Using Modern Technology to Improve Your Health


What is telehealth? Telehealth (also called “telemedicine” or “telemental health”) is the use of audio and video communication technology, when the client and provider are at two different locations, and for providing assessment, treatment, and case management. 


How does it work? Eagle Quest uses Lifesize Cloud for telehealth services which allows for HIPAA compliant encryption and high quality (384 kbps+, 640x360 and higher, 30 fps+) connection capabilities. Your service provider will explain how to download the Lifesize App for your smartphone or tablet or how to use it in your Google Chrome browser on your PC or laptop (camera and mic required). They will also help you with pre-testing the connection before the session.


Protecting your privacy. Clients using telehealth services are protected under the same Nevada and Federal privacy laws that apply to face-to-face mental health treatment. Telehealth sessions require a special email invite from the service provider, are password protected, and client information is not saved in the Lifesize Cloud system. Sessions must be conducted in a private place where others cannot hear the conversation.


Protecting your safety. Eagle Quest service providers will ask you for an alternate means of contact, phone numbers of your local emergency services, ask about your access to transportation, and the availability of a support person that can be contacted that can help you in emergencies (with your written permission). We require this safety plan prior to doing telehealth services.


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Please contact Eagle Quest’s Intake Department at (702) 646-5437 for more information and for help finding out if your insurance allows for telehealth treatment. Your service provider will first assess if telehealth is appropriate depending on your level of comfort, equipment, technical skills, and other key factors. Call and see if telehealth is right for you!