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Activities FAQs


What are the requirements for a youth to attend the Boy Scouts or Kids for Humanity Programs?

In order to attend these programs, the youth must currently be involved in either Eagle Quest Foster-Care or some other Eagle Quest Program. However, the youth must be committed to regularly participating in the program in which he or she enrolls.

How often are Boy Scouts and Kids for Humanity events?

These events are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays several times each month, depending on the activity for the night. Please keep up with the Events page for upcoming Boy Scouts and Kids for Humanity events.

What humanitarian projects does the Kids for Humanity program partake in?

The Kids for Humanity program tackles humanitarian crises from the local, national, and global communities. The program has created care packages for communities that have suffered natural disasters, for our military overseas, and for the local youth hospitals and homeless populations. Kids for Humanity also educates the youth taking part in the program on global humanitarian concerns and teaches them that even the smallest effort can have a huge impact on the lives of those in need.

Who can attend the Eagle Quest Summer Camp?

Currently, only those who regularly participate in the Boy Scouts or Kids for Humanity programs can attend the summer camp. However, we are exploring other options of broadening the population that will be able to attend.

How are the children at Summer Camp supervised?

When camp is being planned, there is a set of core team-members who are specifically devoted to supervising and running the camp activities. After the roster of youths attending camp is complete, other team-members attend the camp to ensure that there is always adequate supervision for every activity.