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Community Based/Family First FAQs


What insurance programs do you take for Community and Family Based Services?

Currently, Eagle Quest only accepts Medicaid insurance programs; however, we are looking into other insurance providers. Please stay up to date by regularly checking the Eagle Quest website.

How is it decided which Eagle Quest personnel will be assigned to a youth?

Whether the client is in therapy, foster care, and/or Community and Family Based Services, the team-members here at Eagle Quest have a variety of specialties and populations to which they are best suited. When assigning team-members to a youth, we make sure that they will be a proper fit and that the youth are getting the best possible team-members for their needs. We also want to ensure the youth and their families that they will get the attention they deserve. Therefore, we take into account the availability and current caseload size of our team-members before assigning them.

I believe I have a youth that could benefit from Eagle Quest’s Community and Family Based Services, how do I get him/her in the program?

If you believe a youth can benefit from any of our programs, do not hesitate to call at 702-646-KIDS (5437).